My First Experience on Web Summit

Since last year I was wondering how would it be attending to the Web Summit and now I can say it's an amazing and unique experience. Thousands of people gathered together in a single place with an interest in common, technology.

At the venue you'll find great ideas, striking stands, a bunch of swags, workshops, significant speeches, extraordinary people and of course foods and drinks during the whole week.


What about the location? Well, this year was hosted in Lisbon, Portugal which I can say is one of the most beautiful places I've ever known. It's a quite and safe city with a taste of antique merged with modernity. They say it'll be hosted in Lisbon for the next 10 years.

For those who love seafood, Lisbon is a paradise you'll find amazing dishes prepared with tuna, sardine and codfish, you must go to Mercado da Ribeira, you won't regret.

If you are not into seafood and yours is meat, chicken, potatoes or if you are vegetarian or vegan don't be sad, they have all of that and it's delicious as well and very affordable.

And pastry is something you need to give a try, you'll want more and more, hahaha.


What about drinks? Well as any other european city, you'll find a lot of wines, beer and local drinks. I recommend to taste Ginjinha, green wine and Liquor Beirão.


What about transportation and lodge?

Transportation is very affordable. They have: metro, tram, train, buses, taxis, Uber and you can also walk.

Regarding accommodations, there are a lot of options from Airbnb to 4/5 star hotels. Pricing is affordable depending on your needs.


And what about the people?, portuguese people are very kind and friendly, they help you even if they don't know the language, but most of them know english or at least they understand spanish.

Finally, I concluded that attending to a Web Summit is worthy, not only because you'll get up-to-date with trending technologies and do some business networking but you'll know amazing people and places.

This time I had the chance to meet people from: Portugal, Mexico, Colombia, Spain, Venezuela, Peru, Chile, Uruguay, Cuba, Puerto Rico, USA, Panama, Guatemala, Italy, Ukraine, UK, China, Canada, Hungary, Thailand and many more.

I also had some time to travel along Lisbon and I met some amazing places like Praça do Comércio, Alfama, Sintra, Pena Palace, Castle of the Moors and many more.


Well that's it for now, I say goodbye and I'm getting ready for Web Summit 2020.

Regards from Costa Rica.